Mary Akbari's story in real estate is as genuine as it is impressive. With over 20 years in project management and value engineering, she knows how to tackle complex challenges. Her entrepreneurial journey, where she built a successful business from zero to over 50 employees, shows her dedication and leadership.In real estate for over five years, Mary Akbari has quickly risen to the top 2% of RLP realtors nationally. This achievement reflects her hard work and the trust she has earned from her clients.Her master's degree in Industrial Engineering has armed her with sharp analytical skills. These help her make data-driven decisions in real estate. Yet, it's her personal approach that truly stands out. Mary is all about honesty, trust, and understanding her clients' needs.Mary values agility, integrity, and negotiation skills. These traits have made her a go-to expert in Ottawa's competitive market. She believes in straightforward, clear advice, helping clients navigate their real estate journeys with confidence.Beyond her professional life, Mary is a devoted mother and wife. This personal experience enriches her understanding of the importance of finding the right home.Choosing Mary means partnering with someone genuinely committed to your real estate success. She's more than a realtor; she's a trusted guide who puts your needs first.

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